Communications Role in your Marketing Plan by Britney Balg

 Marketing success is what drives your business. It lets new customers learn about you and what you offer and helps keep you fresh in the minds of past customers. Your marketing plan should consist of four categories: consumer, cost, convenience, and communication. First, you need to know your customer. You will need to find out the behaviors of your customers and how to attract them to your business. Next is the cost and it is crucial. You need to take into consideration the cost of similar services in the area, the income of the area of your business, and how much its costing you to provide your services. Then, the convenience factor often plays a role in whether or not a person will even want to use your services. So you must look at the location of where you will actually sell your product, and how easy it will be for your customers to find you.
Now we come to communication. Probably the most important to your marketing plan is how you communicate with the people you want to sell to. Communicating and networking with people is all to easy, but it can become overwhelming and time consuming. It can be a full time job in itself. The internet provides endless possibilities for where your advertisement will go, so take advantage of social media. The internet and social media are the cheapest and fastest ways to get yourself out there. Using the mediums of communication that your customers use allows you to constantly be growing your network and it provides endless possibilities of where your advertisements will end up.
The only downside to all this communication is that you have to constantly be updating and posting new things, making new connections and networking. It can get to be a lot. That is why a lot of professionals get a virtual assistant to do all of this for them. McClure Virtual Business Solutions has a team of marketing professionals that can make communication the easiest step in your marketing plan. Your virtual assistant can keep track of all of your accounts, constantly updating and adding new material to your profiles. It can really take the stress out of this important step. Your virtual assistant will allow you to focus on other things while still making sure you are getting your name out there. Create your success with your marketing, and create your marketing plan with the help of a virtual assistant.

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