Referral Program

To start the new year out right, McClure Virtual Business Solutions, LLC wants to expand our network. We value our current connections and are always looking to build new relationships. Our team at MVBS, LLC also understands that time is money and with that in mind, we have designed a referral program applicable to most businesses in the hopes that our new-found business connection can also be lucrative. More simplified, you refer clients in need of our administrative services to us and make a 20% commission off each client we acquire via your efforts. In exchange, our team will devote our resources to finding specified clients for your applicable businesses, in exchange for a 20% commission fee. We are looking to refer clients to CPA’s, Web Designer’s, other Virtual Administrative-Based Businesses, and more! For more details Comment on this blog or check out MVBS, LLC Contact Info below,

Thank You Respectfully For Your Time!

Catie McClure/ CEO and Founder of McClure Virtual Businesses Solutions, LLC

PH: 1978-514-4604


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