Making Twitter Work for You by: Britney Balg

There are so many options for promoting yourself or your business on the internet. Twitter has become a top choice for business professionals to network with minimal effort and time. However, just because it’s a top choice doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Just like other networking sites, there are certain rules and etiquette that must be followed to make your twitter account worth it. First thing to remember is that you have to post valuable tweets. Tweeting about how the office ordered Chinese food for lunch isn’t going to cut it. Post things that are meaningful and important to your business and its goals.

Links are the way to go when trying to get people to visit your company website. You should put links in your tweets so that when your potential customer reads that you have a new type of wood flooring they can just click on the link right in the tweet and it will redirect them to your website with a picture of that flooring. By getting them to your site, you have gotten one step closer to that person buying your product or telling a friend about it.

One other thing to remember about twitter is that it is all about who is following you and who you are following. If you don’t have a good ratio of followers to people being followed by you, twitter can actually delete your account. It also doesn’t look good to potential customers if you don’t have a lot of followers but you are following everyone under the sun that has anything to do with your business.  A good rule of thumb is that if you are going to follow someone they should follow you back. There are exceptions to that rule though, for example if you are following a tv show don’t expect them to follow you back.

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Referral Program

To start the new year out right, McClure Virtual Business Solutions, LLC wants to expand our network. We value our current connections and are always looking to build new relationships. Our team at MVBS, LLC also understands that time is money and with that in mind, we have designed a referral program applicable to most businesses in the hopes that our new-found business connection can also be lucrative. More simplified, you refer clients in need of our administrative services to us and make a 20% commission off each client we acquire via your efforts. In exchange, our team will devote our resources to finding specified clients for your applicable businesses, in exchange for a 20% commission fee. We are looking to refer clients to CPA’s, Web Designer’s, other Virtual Administrative-Based Businesses, and more! For more details Comment on this blog or check out MVBS, LLC Contact Info below,

Thank You Respectfully For Your Time!

Catie McClure/ CEO and Founder of McClure Virtual Businesses Solutions, LLC

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McClure Virtual Business Solutions June 2012 Client of the Month – Lori Herbert, BS, RDH of

The June 2012 McClure Virtual Business Solutions Client of the Month is Lori Herbert, BS, RDH.  MVBS provides social media, marketing and general administrative support services for Lori on an ongoing basis. Lori is a Reg­is­tered Den­tal Hygien­ist with a Bach­e­lors Degree in Psy­chol­ogy.  Work­ing with patients with den­tal anx­i­ety is her strength.  It is her job to make patients feel safe enough to begin dental treat­ment. She understands that education is the best tool to fight her patients dental fears.

To accomplish her goal of educating her patients and the public, Lori has established an educational website, and Facebook Page, Lori understands that it is easy to walk into the dental aisle and get overwhelmed just look­ing for a tube of tooth­paste. In order to ease some of these fears she has included on her website thorough  infor­ma­tion related to den­tal hygiene pro­ce­dures, den­tal anx­i­ety and den­tal prod­ucts. There is also a store page with electric toothbrushes, tooth whitening aids and many other products she recommends.  In addition, she has placed several dental informational links to  help you improve your oral health.

Lori’s number one priority is educating her audience and making them feel more comfortable when it comes to dental hygiene and care. She is always willing to answer any related questions as well as hear any  suggestions or input on what her audience is looking for so be sure to check out her website and Facebook page and let her know what you think.  For any questions on dental hygiene and procedures, contact Lori at or message her on Facebook.

McClure Virtual Business Solutions August 2011 Client of the Month – Gayle Morales of Keller Williams North Central

Our August Client of the Month is Gayle Morales, Realtor with Keller Williams North Central Massachusetts.  MVBS assists Gayle with business development services on a project basis. Gayle decided to become a Realtor because she extremely enjoys working with people.  It gives her great satisfaction helping her clients with one of the most important decisions in their life, the purchase of a home.

Her work experience has helped her to prioritize and be organized in the work place. She has a great understanding of the importance to remain calm in crisis situations and work well with people. She is talented and resourceful in handling any situation that comes her way.  Gayle’s  focus is always on a win – win outcome. She has been college educated in the Business industry has been told  that she is hardworking, thoughtful, patient, practical, sincere and honest. (and we at MVBS can vouch for that! 🙂 )

Gayle’s motto is “My goal is to help you achieve your goal”.

To find out more about Gayle’s services and your local real estate market, contact her at She’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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MVBS Welcomes Anne Blake Our New Executive Assistant & Business Support Specialist

McClure Virtual Business Solutions is pleased to announced our newest team member, Anne Blake. Anne has recently joined McClure Virtual Business Solutions as Executive Assistant & Business Support Specialist to the company. She brings with her, many years of work experience, most notably more than 17 years in the manufacturing environment. She has also provided administrative support to a painting company as well as more recently, to non-profit organizations.

She earned her Associates Degree in Business Administration from Mount Wachusett Community College after being laid off from her job of more than 15 years. It was here she discovered her love of business and wanting to be involved in an administrative level.

Anne currently resides in Baldwinville, Massachusetts, with her daughter and assortment of animals. In her free time, she spends it with all 3 of her children as well as her cherished granddaughter. Working for McClure Virtual Business Solutions is (in her opinion), the ultimate win-win employment opportunity. We are pretty excited to have her aboard as well. 🙂 For more information on the services Anne Blake offers, contact her at