McClure Virtual Business Solutions June 2012 Client of the Month – Lori Herbert, BS, RDH of

The June 2012 McClure Virtual Business Solutions Client of the Month is Lori Herbert, BS, RDH.  MVBS provides social media, marketing and general administrative support services for Lori on an ongoing basis. Lori is a Reg­is­tered Den­tal Hygien­ist with a Bach­e­lors Degree in Psy­chol­ogy.  Work­ing with patients with den­tal anx­i­ety is her strength.  It is her job to make patients feel safe enough to begin dental treat­ment. She understands that education is the best tool to fight her patients dental fears.

To accomplish her goal of educating her patients and the public, Lori has established an educational website, and Facebook Page, Lori understands that it is easy to walk into the dental aisle and get overwhelmed just look­ing for a tube of tooth­paste. In order to ease some of these fears she has included on her website thorough  infor­ma­tion related to den­tal hygiene pro­ce­dures, den­tal anx­i­ety and den­tal prod­ucts. There is also a store page with electric toothbrushes, tooth whitening aids and many other products she recommends.  In addition, she has placed several dental informational links to  help you improve your oral health.

Lori’s number one priority is educating her audience and making them feel more comfortable when it comes to dental hygiene and care. She is always willing to answer any related questions as well as hear any  suggestions or input on what her audience is looking for so be sure to check out her website and Facebook page and let her know what you think.  For any questions on dental hygiene and procedures, contact Lori at or message her on Facebook.