Networking is one concept of business management that can really make or break your business objectives. There are two types of networking; person to person or through the internet and media. Which one you choose will depend on your own style of running things. If you are very good at small talk and like meeting new people constantly, then you would benefit from person to person networking. There is some truth to the statement, “It’s all about who you know”. It’s not literally all about who you know but once you start putting yourself out there and making new connections, you will be surprised at how much business you can stir up.

On the other hand, maybe your time is better spent networking through social media. Perhaps your target audience is more involved with social media than going to business fairs or conventions. A really appealing aspect of social media networking is that it can be done at any time of day or night and allows you to reach a much further audience. On the flip side though, you may find it a bit time consuming to keep up with all the posting and following and tweeting. A lot of business professionals employ some sort of assistant to help them keep track of all their social media outlets. A bigger business is more likely to hire someone to do this out of an office. A cheaper and just as efficient alternative to this, especially for smaller business owners, is to hire a virtual assistant. A VA is able to communicate with you through email or phone call and then from their own home they can update, repost and blog for you. Which option you choose will depend on your current business situation and neither is necessarily better than the other, it’s just up to you to decide what works. 


Did You Know That McClure Virtual Business Solutions Offers Social Media Management Services for Businesses & Professionals?

McClure Virtual Business Solutions Social Media Management Services

At MVBS, in addition to our general administrative services, we also offer social media management services for businesses and professionals.  The following is a list of our services:

Daily posts  – on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or like sites. You provide the sources or we can do it for you! If you desire us to do the research we will submit a week’s schedule worth of content in advance for client approval prior to posting.

(We offer discounted monthly rates however, these packages may also be purchased on a weekly basis)

Blog Posts – We all know that blogs are the go to places for industry information these days and MVBS will work with you to manage your blog on a regular basis. Again, you provide the content (notes, outlines, etc.) or we will do it for you.

(We also offer discounts for multiple weekly posts!)

Social Media Combination Prepaid Packages – Combination packages are available at a discounted rate on a customized basis.

For example: 2 Facebook posts a day and 2 weekly blog posts could be available at a packaged price.

Content Writing for Online Publications – Need a ghost writer because you’ve been meaning to write that industry article for some time now and just can’t seem to find the time to do it?  Send us the information or topic and we will research and write it for you! Now is the time to get working on your plans to becoming known as your industry’s expert/go to person.

For more information and pricing on our social media and blog management services, contact us at