How To Send a Keynote Presentation Through Email – Convert to Powerpoint

When sending a Keynote presentation through email – your best bet is to convert your Keynote Presentation to a Power point presentation:
1.  In Keynote, go to file – export to Powerpoint
2.  Select PPT. tab and then click Next
3. Enter Name and save location
4. Click export
5. Rename as PPS and attach to email if you want the presentation to start automatically when opened or put the presentation on your website and email the link to that.  If it is too large or has a lot of linked files then, zip the PPS and the linked files into one zip file and send a link to that. This may be the most courteous way to send in an email as to not send large emails people may not want.
There are a few other ways but this way seems to be the most straightforward. Please comment if you have input or suggestions in regards to this topic.  Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out our Archives!