8 Easy Steps to Uploading an Excel Sheet to Facebook

Follow the following steps to upload your Excel Spreadsheet to Facebook:


Step 1

Open your spreadsheet within the Excel program.

Step 2

Right-click on the border of the spreadsheet — not directly on any of the cells — and select “Copy.”

Step 3

Open the MS Paint program and start a new file.

Step 4

Paste the image you copied from Excel into the Paint program.

Step 5

Select “File,” “Save As,” then “Save as Type” and select “JPG” as the file type extension. Give the file a name, then click “Save.” Your spreadsheet will now be saved as an image file.

Step 6

Log in to your Facebook account with your username and password.

Step 7

Click “Photo” from the top of the News Feed page, then select “Upload a Photo.”

Step 8

Click “Browse,” then select the image file you just saved from the files and folders on your computer. After the image is loaded to the uploader, click “Share” to share it on your Wall and among the Photos on your Page or Profile.

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As a conventional employer your responsibilities vary from interviewing people, hiring them, training them and then sometimes firing them if they are not adequately suited for the position. All of this time is money to your business. The act of firing someone can land an employer in court fighting about unlawful termination or discrimination. Because of those things a lot of business professionals are turning to virtual assistants. With a VA you can avoid all that hassle. You hire the VA to do a job or project and if things go well, you continue to hire them. If it doesn’t work out then you move on and it’s that simple.

With a VA you are not bound to conventional office hours. Depending on the terms of your contract with your VA you can expect to hand over the work and have it completed by the agreed upon deadline. You wouldn’t dream of asking your Office Administrator to input data after 5:00pm, in order for it to be available before 9:00am the following day. A Virtual Assistant doesn’t close the office at 5. There are VA’s available during regular business hours but many are available to work nontraditional hours providing flexibility with no added expense. The virtual assistant is quickly becoming the more practical business solution.

The way we do business is evolving and traditional models don’t fit all businesses anymore. A VA is a great way to manage your business. The new conventional office allows a business owner the function of a full office with less responsibility and a lot more flexibility.

Integrating Business With Change

                   The Era of the Virtual Assistant

                            by: Guy Peck

The one undeniable truth, we all must face, is that we are all susceptible to change. There’s no escaping it. Everyday so many people try desperately to prevent change but always to no avail. You know those “stick to the routine or die” type people? Despite mother nature’s relentlessness, showing us everyday that with time brings change and with change brings inevitability. What these people don’t see, and what many others refuse to see, is that change is good. Though change can be intimidating, it must first be confronted and then revolutionized. I have found that incorporating change into my everyday “routine” has cleared my head and made my goals much more visible. At McClure Virtual Business Solutions LLC we know about change. Our goal is to revolutionize the “office assistant” world by integrating it with the virtual world. On-site admin employees cost more than our home-based office assistants and they do not come with software. You have to account for their breaks and vacations. You have to consider unexpected sick days. Virtual Assistants, at least at MVBS LLC, work as a team to service our clients individually from multiple angles of expertise. The best part? We do this from home. We are the business world changing. We are change, and change is good.

Example of good change: Communication. 200,000 years ago came speech, 30,000 years after that symbols became the new “smartphone”. Eventually came postage and worldwide communication was born, revolutionizing itself in every form of society. Now business could be conducted around the world and those who capitalized on those concepts are the ones whom brought the naysayers out of the caves and into the office.Think about the “old timers” at the beginning of the “smartphone era” and just remember their reluctance. Or, even further back, the cellphone era came and conquered the telephone with sophistication and intelligence, and yet.. people still refused to evolve. I know people to-date who refuse to get cellphones and dub it a “scam”. Opening your mind and erasing this reluctance is the key to success. Do you think Karl Benz, inventor of the first modernized car, ever said:

“You know what?- I think horseback is as good as travel is ever gonna get.”

Of course not. He built a mechanical horse on 4 wheels that moved, and he did it with style. This is why the acceptance of change must become so embedded in the fiber of our being that we are able to not only embrace change, but anticipate it. The ones out there waiting for the new software and technology to be released are the ones who know how to use it. It’s these people who are always “with the times,” that are usually the ones who realize change can become a lucrative service that presents itself indefinitely to all those willing to acknowledge it. Fortune 500 companies don’t still communicate only via paper and messenger, they get a smartphone hire an assistant or two, and focus on the important things, like profits. The business world is fast turning virtual. Social media this, Tweet that. “Send me a text”, “Shoot me an email”, “I’ll see you on Skype later”. Change. It’s everywhere you look. The proper integration of change with business, has revolutionized our world and because of this, has become the foundation of success. As such, why hire administrative employee(s) for your business, go through the trouble of preparing an office and offering health insurance?  Why pay more for one on-site employee when you can get a team of virtual admin assistants, equipped with an arsenal of software and expertise, for a fraction of the cost? Why not just call McClure Virtual Business Solutions LLC, and save yourself the time and effort without sacrificing the quality of work? Change. Why not?

“Lets meet and make a change!!”

VISIT US @ www.mymccluresolutions.com or email us @ catie@mymccluresolutions.com


Communications Role in your Marketing Plan by Britney Balg

 Marketing success is what drives your business. It lets new customers learn about you and what you offer and helps keep you fresh in the minds of past customers. Your marketing plan should consist of four categories: consumer, cost, convenience, and communication. First, you need to know your customer. You will need to find out the behaviors of your customers and how to attract them to your business. Next is the cost and it is crucial. You need to take into consideration the cost of similar services in the area, the income of the area of your business, and how much its costing you to provide your services. Then, the convenience factor often plays a role in whether or not a person will even want to use your services. So you must look at the location of where you will actually sell your product, and how easy it will be for your customers to find you.
Now we come to communication. Probably the most important to your marketing plan is how you communicate with the people you want to sell to. Communicating and networking with people is all to easy, but it can become overwhelming and time consuming. It can be a full time job in itself. The internet provides endless possibilities for where your advertisement will go, so take advantage of social media. The internet and social media are the cheapest and fastest ways to get yourself out there. Using the mediums of communication that your customers use allows you to constantly be growing your network and it provides endless possibilities of where your advertisements will end up.
The only downside to all this communication is that you have to constantly be updating and posting new things, making new connections and networking. It can get to be a lot. That is why a lot of professionals get a virtual assistant to do all of this for them. McClure Virtual Business Solutions has a team of marketing professionals that can make communication the easiest step in your marketing plan. Your virtual assistant can keep track of all of your accounts, constantly updating and adding new material to your profiles. It can really take the stress out of this important step. Your virtual assistant will allow you to focus on other things while still making sure you are getting your name out there. Create your success with your marketing, and create your marketing plan with the help of a virtual assistant.

Get a Virtual Assistant and Save Yourself the Stress

I could show you the numbers that prove having a virtual assistant can save you money every year, but there are no numbers when it comes to your level of stress. Owning and operating a fully functioning office for your needs can become a time-consuming, stress producing task. Why put yourself through that? The best part of a virtual assistant is that you don’t have to provide the environment to get your tasks done. No worrying about things like rent, heat, electric, supplies, internet and phone lines for your office. Your virtual assistant provides those things as they are needed.

Nothing in this world is cheap anymore, and everyone is looking to save as much as they can. Your monthly expenses for an office even before payroll can eat at your profits. Then you have to pay someone on top of those expenses to actually do the work. All of this adds up to money and just as importantly, stress. The stress of running your own business is tremendous. Everything is on your shoulders and it is your responsibility to yourself to make things successful. It can be a lot to handle. Anything to reduce your amount of stress  is doing yourself a favor.

So lose the office. If you are worried about not being as hands on as you want to be, think again. At McClure Virtual Business Solutions you can stay in constant contact with our virtual assistants to make sure things are being done to your standards. The goal being to reduce your stress, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your business. Take every stride possible to make your job as easy as possible, and a good start is getting a virtual assistant and forgetting about the stresses of an office. Everyone wants to be their own boss, and you made it happen so enjoy it as much as you can. After all, what did you start your own business for anyway?

Signs You Need a Business Support Specialist/Virtual Assistant

Think you can do it all by yourself and be a star Entrepreneur? Maybe you can  but on the other hand maybe you need some help… Here are some signs indicating a virtual assistant may be your answer:

1.  Piles of Paperwork – A cluttered work area is a sure sign you could use some help. A Virtual Assistant can assist you in organizing all of your files online, update contacts, help you prioritize your goals and ideas.

2.  Your To Do list is Multiple Pages – Is completing your daily task list impossible? If your task list is so long that there is no way you are going to finish it and move on to your next set of goals, then you need a virtual assistant. Having a virtual assistant on call will allow you to delegate those non-income tasks that you either don’t want to do or that don’t seem like a priority although you know they are important.

3.  What Social Media Schedule? – if your business doesn’t have some sort of social media plan or schedule, or if you do but are not implementing it, then get a virtual assistant.

4.  Research – most businesses either need to research one thing or another for their personal businesses or for their clients and we all know how time consuming research is. Letting a virtual assistant conduct this research for you will improve your productivity output in your own business and also allow you to provide the information your clients need in a more timely manner.

5.  Leads are passing you by – You are a savvy professional, networking every chance you get but you are not making the most of these contacts and you know it. Enlisting the services of a virtual assistant and informing them of the specifics of your lead qualifying process will allow you to nurture those potential leads and grow your business in the meantime.

6. Projects, projects, projects – Another sign you need a virtual assistant is that you are juggling multiple projects at once but are unable to complete any of them.  Pass them along to a virtual assistant. Let them know the basics or in detail what you want the outcome to be and let them take it from there. If you are not sure how to direct your virtual assistant, send them your notes, or whatever work in progress and let them come up with a draft for your critique. Once they get something in front of you it will be much easier for you to request edits or changes.

7. Disaster Databases – Hire a virtual assistant to help you update, edit, add to or give your databases a complete overhaul.

What are some other ways you think you could use a virtual assistant?

Introducing the New Team Members at McClure Virtual Business Solutions, LLC

At McClure Virtual Business Solutions, we are pleased and excited to introduce three new members to our team. Please take a moment to read there bios and welcome them.

Anne Marie Gill – Executive Assistant & Business Support Specialist – 

Anne Marie has recently returned to the work force after raising 4 children.  During her time as a stay at home mom she has been active in both her church and her community.  Anne Marie volunteered at her local hospital where she assisted in the gift shop, cafeteria, and helped transport patients.  She also volunteered at a local food pantry sorting foods and assisting clients.  Anne Marie was often seen helping out at her children’s schools.  There she substitute taught, helped with fundraising for the PTA and assisted teachers in their classrooms.

Before her children were born Anne Marie worked in a law firm where she was responsible for many clerical duties as well as accounts payables.  She has many organizational skills and has experience managing a team.

During her personal time Anne Marie enjoys travelling, reading and spending time with her family. Anne Marie brings with her extraordinary customer service & organizational skills allowing her to provide ultimate support to the team members at MVBS. For more information on Anne Marie’s services, contact her Annemarie@mymccluresolutions.com.

Annette Bouchard – Business Support Specialist & Team Leader – 

Annette has over 10 years experience in an office environment with a background that ranges from Purchasing Assistant to Office Manager. She has skills in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, Access, Power Point and QuickBooks. Most recently, Annette built an Access Database for a home health care agency, pulling in many different types of information and including reports and queries specific to the company’s needs. Her experience also extends to Accounts Receivables and Billing/Invoicing with QuickBooks. She has also  helped with the start up and management of a busy real estate office.
During her time at the real estate office, she was a licensed Realtor and her duties included: coordinating transactions, preparing documents, appointment setting, she also performed internet/property research. In addition she maintained the office and did general book keeping utilizing QuickBooks. She is a Mother of two and a Grandmother of two and enjoys spending time with her family. She spends her quiet time sketching and is an avid animal lover with two dogs and two cats and more! Annette has a great variety of administrative skills to offer and having her as part of the MVBS team allows her to provide fully functional Office Support to her clients with little overhead and no paid breaks. For more information on Annette’s services contact her at Annette@mymccluresolutions.com or call her at 978-549-9080.
Britney Balg – Business Support Specialist- 
Britney has 5 years experience in Quality Control. She has proven her ability to function under stress and get the job done while still meeting quality standards.  She has a Certificate of Mastery in Word and Excel and an incredible typing speed of 66 wpm with 100% accuracy (tested). Britney is skilled in internet research, data entry with great attention to detail and a proven knowledge of accounting principles. Britney’s goal is customer satisfaction and she is willing to do what it takes. She is available on call to meet her clients needs whenever they arise.
Britney is a wife and mother with two young boys. She is charismatic and easy to communicate with. Customer satisfaction is her goal.  Britney has a great variety of skills to offer and as part of the MVBS team she is able to provide her clients full Office Support without the expense of an actual office. For more information on Britany’s services please contact her at Britany@mymccluresolutions.com

Starting & Maintaining a New Home Office Checklist

Starting a Home Office Checklist 

Do It Yourself (Or Hire a Business Support Specialist!)

1.  Purchase Furniture necessary for your specific business.

2.  Design your workspace to accommodate your needs.

3.  Make a list of your business needs.  What systems do you want in place to make your workspace flow in a systematic manner? Ex. Types of shelving, cabinetry, etc. Take into consideration if you will be having clients visit your home office or if it is for strictly personal use.

4.  Draw a rough floor plan on how you think your furniture would be best laid out.

5.  Decorate. Make a list of possible decorative items/themes that would suit your personality and business best.

6. Purchase supplies necessary to run and maintain your business.

7.  Create an organizational structure. Decide where your supplies should be placed or stored for best use. Implement databases to track inventory of supplies & business maintenance databases such as a Lead/Client Activity Tracking Log, Marketing Tracking Log, Supply Inventory, Seminars/Continuing Education Logs, Sales & Expense Logs, etc.  (See attached examples).  Simplify your life and “Go Green” by consider putting into place an online filing system such as Google Docs for your business maintenance. Consult a Business Support Specialist for more ideas on what systems might work best for your particular business needs.

8.  Maintaining your organizational structure. Follow up on maintaining your business by inputting reminders into your calendar to check up on the status of your systems.  Or hire a Business Support Specialist to relieve you of this burden! The following are some of the systems that you will want to check and update regularly.

Databases/Spreadsheets – are they up to date with all pertinent information entered.

Contacts List – are all recent and past contacts entered?

Calendar – are all appointments and important dates entered?

Client/Lead Follow Up – go through your lead/client list and make sure that they have been followed up with appropriately and in a timely manner.

Email Manager – are all emails organized into files appropriately?

Supplies – is there an adequate amount of all necessary operating supplies?

Client Accounts – are all your clients up to date with their payments?

9.   Expenses – Are your bills paid and filed appropriately?  Are your expenses & income recorded in Quickbooks or other finance manager?

McClure Virtual Business Solutions June 2012 Client of the Month – Lori Herbert, BS, RDH of Helpmehygienist.com

The June 2012 McClure Virtual Business Solutions Client of the Month is Lori Herbert, BS, RDH.  MVBS provides social media, marketing and general administrative support services for Lori on an ongoing basis. Lori is a Reg­is­tered Den­tal Hygien­ist with a Bach­e­lors Degree in Psy­chol­ogy.  Work­ing with patients with den­tal anx­i­ety is her strength.  It is her job to make patients feel safe enough to begin dental treat­ment. She understands that education is the best tool to fight her patients dental fears.

To accomplish her goal of educating her patients and the public, Lori has established an educational website, www.helpmehygienist.com and Facebook Page, http://facebook.com/helpmehygienist. Lori understands that it is easy to walk into the dental aisle and get overwhelmed just look­ing for a tube of tooth­paste. In order to ease some of these fears she has included on her website thorough  infor­ma­tion related to den­tal hygiene pro­ce­dures, den­tal anx­i­ety and den­tal prod­ucts. There is also a store page with electric toothbrushes, tooth whitening aids and many other products she recommends.  In addition, she has placed several dental informational links to  help you improve your oral health.

Lori’s number one priority is educating her audience and making them feel more comfortable when it comes to dental hygiene and care. She is always willing to answer any related questions as well as hear any  suggestions or input on what her audience is looking for so be sure to check out her website and Facebook page and let her know what you think.  For any questions on dental hygiene and procedures, contact Lori at lori@helpmehygienist.com or message her on Facebook.